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Pillar Management Associates provides these services to the Anderson South Carolina area

On-Site Consulting

Two-Three on-site sessions (7-10 days total)

Advantage: On-site presentations are proven to be the most effective Training and Consulting Methodology

Disadvantage: No value added costs in travel and living expensive

Approach: Live on site presentation using PowerPoint slides and Learning by Discovery methods. A full system is Documented in the first 5 days

Topics Introduced 

  • Training on topics
  • Exercises to enhance learning

Work Shops creates:

  1. The Manual
  2. All Required Procedures
  3. The Policy
  4. Record Format for all required records

Distance Consulting

Twelve scheduled off-site sessions

Advantages: Elimination of the no value added costs associated with travel and living expensive

Disadvantage: Not as effective in training difficult subject matter


Two Internet-linked computers and a conference call line using proprietary software provide live PowerPoint presentation

Topics Introduced 

  • Training on topics
  • Exercises to enhance learning

Work Shops creates:

  1. Manual
  2. Procedures
  3. Policy
  4. Record Format for all required records

Doing Business in Anderson SC

COVID-19 may have halted a lot of things, but not economic development in Anderson County. Hundreds of jobs are hitting the market rapidly.

Construction has been popping up everywhere in multiple areas of Anderson County.

“Covid really never slowed down our economic development efforts in terms of manufacturing and research and development. As a matter of fact, it’s almost ramped up,” said Rusty Burns, Anderson County Administrator.

Anderson County has extended their welcome mat to companies like Techtronic Industries, also known as TTI. They recently invested $135 million dollars on an expansion in Anderson County. The expansion will bring 625 jobs, according to documents obtained by the County.

“Also yesterday, Red Bullet Inc., is going to create plastics manufacturing company and they’re going to hire 131 people and they’re going to pay them around $27/$28 an hour,” Burns said.

Anderson County leaders also said the Line Five company is also coming to Anderson County. The company invested $250 million and will bring 60 jobs over the next five years. Those jobs are averaging $17.70 an hour with benefits.