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city of charlottePillar Management Associates provides these services to the Columbia South Carolina area

On-Site Consulting

Two-Three on-site sessions (7-10 days total)

Advantage: On-site presentations are proven to be the most effective Training and Consulting Methodology

Disadvantage: No value added costs in travel and living expensive

Approach: Live on site presentation using PowerPoint slides and Learning by Discovery methods. A full system is Documented in the first 5 days

Topics Introduced 

  • Training on topics
  • Exercises to enhance learning

Work Shops creates:

  1. The Manual
  2. All Required Procedures
  3. The Policy
  4. Record Format for all required records

Distance Consulting

Twelve scheduled off-site sessions

Advantages: Elimination of the no value added costs associated with travel and living expensive

Disadvantage: Not as effective in training difficult subject matter


Two Internet-linked computers and a conference call line using proprietary software provide live PowerPoint presentation

Topics Introduced 

  • Training on topics
  • Exercises to enhance learning

Work Shops creates:

  1. Manual
  2. Procedures
  3. Policy
  4. Record Format for all required records

Doing Business in Columbia South Carolina

From small, locally owned shops to large corporate headquarters, we know that business is at the heart of our success as a city. Columbia provides an ideal location for business growth with our skilled workforce, robust transportation routes, and stable communities.  That's why throughout the various city departments, we make every effort to make doing business in Columbia as attractive and trouble-free as possible. 

Supporting business growth and development is a core economic development function that helps to diversify and strengthen our local economy.  Between 60 to 80% of new job growth comes from the expansion of existing businesses.  To help stimulate business expansion activity in Columbia we are ready to assist you in growing your business by:

  •  Determining available real estate and site selection
  •  Increasing production and sales capacity
  •  Expanding workforce
  •  Developing infrastructure and utilities
  •  Improving the flow of goods and services to and from your business
  •  Information, demographics, and statistics
  •  Help establishing partnerships or growing markets/networks
  •  Contact with local and state agencies