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set of operations and specific conditions that establish a relationship between quantities indicated by a measuring instrument/system, or values represented by a material measure or a reference material and the corresponding values realized by standards
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This is the assurance awarded by an independent certification body (CB) that a product, service or system meets the requirements of a standard.
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Certification body
A third party that assesses and determines that a Quality Management System of an organizations meets a particular standard.
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combined audit
audit carried out together at a single auditee on two or more management systems 

Note 1 to entry: When two or more discipline-specific management systems are integrated into a single management system this is known as an integrated management system.
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ability to apply knowledge and skills to achieve intended results
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When a company meets the requirements of either a process or a procedure.
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fulfilment of a requirement
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Continual improvement
Continual improvement are the recurring activities carried out to enhance performance. They can be achieved by carrying out audits, self-assessments, and management
reviews. The continual improvements are realized by collecting data, analyzing information, setting objectives, and implementing corrective and preventive actions.
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manage focusing on fulfilling requirements
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Corrective Action
A plan created by management to address when something goes wrong (i.e. non-conformance). Corrective actions lead to continual improvement.
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Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is a question of degree.

It can vary from high to low satisfaction. If customers believe requirements are met, they experience high satisfaction. Conversely, if they believe their requirements are not met, they experience low satisfaction.

So Customer satisfaction is managing Customer Requirements.

There are many ways to monitor and measure customer satisfaction. ou can use customer satisfaction and opinion surveys, collect product quality data, track warranty claims, study customer compliments and criticisms.
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